Pipe Leak Detection

Professional Pipe Leak Detection Services in Woodland Park, NJ

Professional Pipe Leak Detection Services in Woodland Park, NJ

Are you dealing with a hidden pipe leak in your Woodland Park home or business? Look no further than the experts at Excellence Plumbing Our team of licensed master plumbers has over 10 years of experience accurately detecting and repairing leaks to protect your property from water damage. We use state-of-the-art tools and proven techniques to quickly pinpoint the source of even the most elusive leaks. Call us today at (973) 840-9489 to schedule leak detection services in Woodland Park, NJ and the surrounding area.

Signs You May Have a Hidden Pipe Leak

Some leaks, like those from a dripping faucet or running toilet, are obvious. But leaks deep within your plumbing system often go unnoticed until significant damage has occurred. Be on the lookout for these warning signs that you may have a concealed pipe leak:

Signs You May Have a Hidden Pipe Leak

Our Leak Detection Process

At Excellence Plumbing, we follow a thorough step-by-step process to accurately locate pipe leaks with minimal disruption to your property:


We discuss the signs of a leak you’ve noticed and ask questions to get a better sense of the problem.


Our plumber visually inspects the area for any obvious signs of a leak, like water stains or puddles. We also use moisture meters to check for excess moisture in walls, floors, and ceilings.

Line Location

Using electronic pipe locators and transmitters, we map out the location of the pipes behind walls and underground. This non-invasive line tracing shows us exactly where to focus our leak detection efforts.

Acoustic Testing

With high-sensitivity microphones and listening discs, we can hear the distinct sounds of water escaping from a crack or hole in the pipe. Acoustic testing allows us to zero in on the source of the leak.

Thermal Imaging

Infrared cameras highlight temperature differences in the pipe system to reveal the location of a leak. Hot spots from leaking hot water pipes especially stand out on the thermal scan.

Video Camera Inspection

To definitively confirm and pinpoint leaks deep within pipes, we snake a video camera through the line. The high-resolution footage shows us the exact location and extent of cracks, holes and joint failures from the inside.

Leak Repair

Once the leak is located, we provide you with repair options and upfront pricing. In many cases, we can fix pipe leaks the same day without having to tear up drywall or excavate your yard. We use trenchless solutions like pipe relining and spot repairs wherever possible.

Why Choose Us for Pipe Leak Detection

Why Choose Us for Pipe Leak Detection?

There are plenty of plumbers in the Woodland Park area who claim to provide leak detection. But not all leak detection services are created equal. Here are a few reasons why Excellence Plumbing stands out from the rest:

Leak Detection for All Plumbing Systems

No matter what type of plumbing system your Woodland Park building has, Excellence Plumbing can detect and repair any leak. We have experience finding leaks in all kinds of residential and commercial pipe systems, including:

Our skilled technicians are trained to safely and accurately detect leaks in pipes located under slabs, behind walls, and deep underground. We’ll identify what material your pipes are made from and use the appropriate tools and techniques to find and repair the leak at its source.

Residential Plumbing Services

Protect Your Property from Water Damage

A hidden pipe leak may seem minor, but it can lead to major problems if left undetected and unrepaired. Leaking pipes don’t just waste water – they can also cause serious damage to your Woodland Park property:

Structural Issues

Over time, a slow leak can weaken floors, walls and ceilings as the water seeps in. Drywall crumbles, paint peels, and wood warps and rots.

Mold and Mildew

Excess moisture from pipe leaks stimulates the growth of mold and mildew colonies. Mold exposure triggers allergies and respiratory issues, especially in those with weakened immune systems.

Pest Infestations

Damp, rotting wood and standing water puddles from leaks attract pests like termites, carpenter ants, and rodents. These pests can further damage the structure.

Sewer Backups

At Excellence Plumbing, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. From your initial phone call to the completion of your plumbing project, we strive to exceed your expectations every step of the way.


In extreme cases, water leaking into the soil underneath a concrete slab can erode the dirt and cause the foundation to shift, crack, and collapse.

Schedule Pipe Leak Detection in Woodland Park, NJ Today

Schedule Pipe Leak Detection in Woodland Park, NJ Today

Don’t let a hidden pipe leak threaten your biggest investment. If you notice any signs of a leak in your Woodland Park home or business, call Excellence Plumbing for fast, reliable leak detection services. Our skilled plumbers have the tools and training to accurately locate and repair any leak, big or small. We offer upfront pricing, 24/7 emergency service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all leak repairs.

To schedule pipe leak detection in Woodland Park, NJ or the surrounding areas, dial (973) 840-9489 now. We look forward to serving you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pipe Leak Detection

Even a small 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can waste up to 250 gallons of water per day. Larger leaks can lose thousands of gallons per day and cost you hundreds on your water bill.

Common signs of a hidden leak include a sudden spike in your water bill, the sound of running water when plumbing isn't in use, visible water damage on walls or ceilings, warm spots on the floor, and cracks in the foundation. You may also notice mold growth or a musty smell.

While you may be able to identify signs that you have a leak, pinpointing its exact location often requires specialized equipment and expertise. At-home leak detectors can alert you to the presence of a leak but for accurate location and repair, it's best to call a professional plumber.

Pipe leaks can have many causes, from pipe age and deterioration to poor installation and sudden pressure changes. Extreme temperatures, like freezing cold or scalding hot water, can also stress pipes and joints. In some cases, leaks result from shifting soil or external damage from construction.

The time required for leak detection depends on factors like the location and extent of the leak, the type of pipes, and ease of access. With our tools and process, we can often find simple leaks within an hour. More complex cases may take several hours.

Most standard homeowners insurance policies will cover the cost of professional leak detection services when the leak has caused or may cause significant property damage if left unaddressed. However, wear and tear or preventable leaks may not be covered. Review your policy or contact your insurer to confirm coverage.

Excellence Plumbing charges a flat rate for leak detection based on the equipment and time required to locate the leak. Once we find the source, we provide free repair estimates with straightforward pricing. We never charge by the hour or tack on hidden fees.

Yes, our acoustic listening discs and thermal imaging cameras allow us to find leaks underneath concrete slabs without having to drill through the slab. In some cases, we may use minimally-invasive methods to fill the slab and confirm the leak location, but we always strive to keep excavation and demolition to a minimum.

When performed by trained plumbers using proper equipment, professional leak detection is over 90% accurate at pinpointing the source of a leak without causing unnecessary property damage. DIY methods like digging or breaking through walls are far less precise.

If you find or suspect a pipe leak, first turn off the main water supply to prevent further water loss. Then call a professional plumber who provides leak detection services. Avoid using any plumbing fixtures until the leak source is identified. Finally, open windows and use fans to dry out the affected area if possible.